Seeking skilled cell/molecular biologist interested in using combinatorial methods to engineer signaling circuits controlling cell shape, polarization, and movement. Experience in cell culture,high-throughput microscopy, or high-throughput cloning (Gateway, etc.) are a plus. (Lim Lab - http://www.ucsf.edu/limlab). Contact Wendell Lim (lim@cmp.ucsf.edu)or Alice Willis (willis@cmp.ucsf.edu).

Seeking technically fearless cell biologist/biochemist aiming to dissect signaling circuits underlying cell polarity, motility, and morphology. Experience in fluorescence microscopy and cell culture are preferred. Experience in biochemistry would be advantageous for some projects. Contact Orion Weiner (orion.weiner@ucsf.edu).

We are working on development and application of computational methods to engineer signaling circuits involved in cell shape and polarization. Projects combine computational and experimental work, and involve computational protein design, molecular and cell biology, high-throughput microscopy and protein biophysics. Postdocs interested in our research are encouraged to apply by sending an email to Tanja Kortemme at kortemme[at]cgl[dot]ucsf[dot]edu. Our lab has diverse backgrounds including physics, computer science, chemistry and biochemistry. More information is on our website: kortemmelab.ucsf.edu.

Seeking intrepid cell/cell-free biologist to dissect signal transduction networks that control actin-dependent membrane movement (plasma membrane protrusion, endocytosis, endosome rocketing). Approaches include live-cell imaging/genetic manipulation and in vitro reconstitution from purified components. Experience with high-resolution live imaging and/or protein purification are a plus. (Taunton Lab). Contact Jack Taunton (taunton@cmp.ucsf.edu).


The UCSF/UCB Nanomedicine Development Center welcomes inquiries from outstanding postdoctoral candidates interested in these challenges. Candidates may contact individual PIs or write to:

Wendell Lim, c/o Alice Willis
Box 2240 UCSF
600 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94143-2240

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